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It is essential to provide athletes with sound tax, social security and regulatory advice concerning the pension rights built up over the course of their careers. Due to our founding firms’ 30 years of experience in the matter, the ATFIELD member firms are able to assist on the most complex cases. As athletes often have built up interests in pension plans across the world, particular focus lies with the tax and social security treatment of pension contributions and distributions in a cross-border context. Adequate end-of-career planning that takes into account the global tax and regulatory framework is key.

The ATFIELD network member firms and their lawyers also offer a full range of services to employers in sports: from helping them set up pension schemes for their athletes in accordance with the Belgian tax and labour law regulations to advising to their HR departments on the matter.

ATFIELD can also rely on the pensions expertise of Koen Van Duyse (Tiberghien). 


Daan Buylaert
Daan Buylaert

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