Helping you navigate through complex employment laws and sports governing body regulations, offering integrated solutions for a wide range of employment-related concerns.

The ATFIELD network member firms and their lawyers help you to map your needs as an athlete or a club and supply you with practical and actionable advice.

While the first objective is to help anticipate – and prevent – legal risks, we also have extensive labour and employment-related litigation experience.

An employment, benefits & compensation practice, combined with its unique benchmarking skills, facilitates your negotiations and offers you a clear competitive advantage.

The expertise of the ATFIELD network includes:

  • Contracts for athletes, intermediaries, clubs, investors, sponsors, etc.
  • Hiring and firing, including transfer negotiations
  • Smart renumeration strategies
  • Drafting work regulations and policies
  • Disciplinary matters

In addition, clients call upon the services of the ATFIELD network for immigration law issues. In a truly global sports world, international mobility is key. The ATFIELD network member firms help you navigate through the red-tape. Dealing with visa requirements, work permits and related compliance work is our daily ‘cup of tea’.


Gregory Ernes
Gregory Ernes

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