Acquisitions of Belgian professional football clubs

January 20, 2020

Given our special expertise in football-related M&A, we have provided guidance on deal structures from both a legal and a tax perspective. In the examples above, we designed timelines, drafted the letters of intent, conducted the due diligence, assisted with the negotiations, created the new club structures, and drew up the sales and purchase agreements.

The Royal Belgian Football Association’s licensing commission cleared all these acquisitions and all clubs involved received their licence with the proposed structure implemented.

After such takeovers, we regularly establish a structural cooperation with the clubs and their partner clubs.

For instance, ever since KV Kortrijk’s takeover by Mr. Vincent Tan in 2015, ALTIUS has provided boardroom consulting for KV Kortrijk and advice to Mr. Tan’s network of clubs (Cardiff City and Sarejevo FK) on sports law-related matters, including litigation before FIFA and CAS. Shortly after the acquisition of SK Lommel, ALTIUS secured the future of the club’s youth academy via litigation in front of the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sports concerning the club’s youth licence.